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Get ready to make a fortune with the future of online investing. Now anyone can “play the market” with Bundles, a new trading product exclusive to TrafficOn. Your traffic will love this exciting opportunity because it makes online trading so simple.

  • Low minimum deposits (they can start trading Bundles with just $25!)
  • Available in nearly every geo worldwide*
  • Users onboard themselves, trade and potentially earn major profits within minutes!

PLUS you get high CPAs for every signup of this hot new product.
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New Opportunity: the next BIG thing

Bundles practically turn financial trading into a game that has huge payouts for your traffic. No prior experience or market knowledge needed. They simply sign up, pick a Bundle and can earn 350% on their money within minutes. Users have full control over their level of risk and potential to earn. Bundles makes trading fun, fast and profitable by making it like a game where people can invest in everything from crypto to gold to stocks without knowing a thing about the markets.

High Converting, High CPA, TrafficOn Exclusive Offer

TrafficOn is the only affiliate network that offers Bundles. By joining us you can promote this offer first and give your traffic a thrilling way to play the market. Your traffic is sure to convert like crazy for this offer and you will earn a high CPA for every sign up.

Easy Promotion, Big Payouts

You should have an easy time promoting this exciting offer to your traffic. It’s simple to understand, exciting to be a part of and can make you serious money for every conversion. Plus our smart technology will ensure that you get Bundles in front of the best possible prospects. Get ready to profit from the next big thing.

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*Bundles cannot be promoted in the United States of America.